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VIE - Methods/Mechanical Engineer - H/F

  • Technique-Production
  • VIE
  • Date de publication : 01/09/2022

Description du poste

The VIE will be a locally based individual charged with reduction of breakdown downtimes on all SGG coaters. He will be integrated in the local plant organization (Coater line) with clearly identified local maintenance missions; and in remote contact with other coaters and reporting functionally to the central Coater technical assistance in Paris-DTI.

An architectural glass coater is a transformation line that takes as input large glass panes and coates them with a thin film (using magnetron sputtering process) that gives the glass added functionalities. The coating process is performed under vacuum – any breakdown inside the machine requires its opening to atmosphere and the return to vacuum is costly. Special care is needed so that such forced openings are minimized or eliminated. Downtime on the periphery of the coater – outside vacuum - like conveyors, glass sensors, gantry or stacking robots – can also be a blocking point.

Main responsibilities:

 This is a newly created position. Main mission is to reduce breakdown downtimes on SGG coaters. This position will be carried out with the following local/global approach:

  • Integrate in the local coater team with close cooperation with maintenance team,
  • Support production trouble-shooting during breakdown events and participate in post mortem analysis; follow improvement action plans,
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the current approach; where the possibilities lie for improvement and what are the most important impediments to progress,
  • Perform Pareto analysis of HA losses across the coaters and follow specifically most important losses where efforts on one production line could benefit others as well,
  • With help of central assistance, connect to a network of experts on different lines,
  • Follow up action plans put in place to ensure improved reliability both on the local line and on selected pilot remote lines,
  • Based on results from analysis – proposing and leading changes – organization, methodology etc.
  • Participate in daily life of the production line, including enforcing safety and environment standards.


  • Master of Science in Mechanical or General Engineering,
  • A first experience in industrial context is a plus,
  • Technically oriented – likes tinkering with machines; able to read technical documentation,
  • Mastery of spoken and written English is mandatory, Polish would be a plus,
  • Use of MS Office is a bare minimum,
  • Proficiency in data analysis would be a plus,
  • Good communication skills to exchange with the production teams and colleagues,
  • Change management: Capacity to convince, pedagogical approach and tenacity,
  • Rigor, analytical mind, pragmatism, agility to modify priorities based on the situation,
  • Able to work autonomously and take initiatives.

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