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Posting date : 06/02/2023

Reference : USA04766

Production Machinist III

  • United States , Massachusetts , WORCESTER
  • Permanent / Regular
  • Technical Production

Position description

The Production Machinist III is responsible for the independent and complete compounded process of the complex machining / manufacturing operations that require tight tolerances and/or unusual angles for the fabrication/production of products, fixtures, parts, and tools.


  • Works from complex blueprints, sketches, work orders, models of parts to be made or other verbal instruction along with own knowledge and experience to determine the machine tool best for each operation to be performed and which attachments are to be used for each machine.
  • May program, set-up and operate CNC, NC and manual machining centers, lathes, drills, surface grinders, and other complex production equipment. Operates CNC machines in automatic and semiautomatic mode and makes relevant decisions at each program stop to produce a quality finished product and prevent machine collision and damage to machined tooling or part.
  • Works with all conventional machine tools and their attachments to perform machining processes that require special adaptation of the equipment or processes if/as needed
  • Utilizes designated and approved tooling, fixtures, and set-ups to machine/manufacture unusual surfaces or materials. Machines to highly tight tolerances difficult to attain or hold or require machining of unusual surface configurations.
  • Receives work assignments from supervisor accompanied by blueprints, rough sketches, drawings, models of parts, or other work specifications that may require troubleshooting, as information may be incorrect or missing.
  • At times, work products are one-of-a-kind, involving unusual trade problems and a high degree of ingenuity and responsibility. Determines the appropriate tooling material, tool type, composite materials, coolants, machine feeds and/ or speeds in performing each particular machining operation.
  • Posses a thorough knowledge of advanced shop mathematics in using geometric and trigonometric formulas to compute compound angles, angular indexing, hole patterns, pitch lead, or pitch diameters for various standard and non-standard outcomes.
  • Upon completion of a job, numbers materials and documents procedures for use by Production Machinists I & II in future projects.
  • Makes some mechanical repairs and adjustments to machines and notifies supervisors when major
    service is required.
  • Performs assignments that require tasks or procedures such as those required in machining/manufacturing raw materials, rare metal, new metal alloy, diamond or newer material.
  • Works to machine fit more complex tooling from other businesses, (i.e., reverse engineering interference and slide fit, make arbor to fit properly, fab fit, special fits and tolerances) than Production Machinists I & II.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • A high school diploma, or GED, with at least 5 years machining experience required.
  • Technical school training, apprenticeship program or equivalent work experience necessary in operating CNC machines and other metal fabricating machines such as lathes, drills, grinders, etc. may be required.
  • Must possess knowledge of blue print reading, trade mathematics (trigonometry) and machinist handbook formulas in computing and verifying dimensions in the planning, layout out, and final dimensional checking process needed.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply software application as it applies to programming CNC equipment.
  • This position requires over 1 year’s work experience to become proficient in all phases of the job to work independently.




Legal Statement

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