Reference : USA04072

Precision Machining Supervisor

  • United States BUCKHANNON
  • Permanent / Regular
  • Posting date : 01/12/2023

Position description

The Precision Machining Supervisor owns the entire Display machining production process at the Corhart Buckhannon facility. This position is responsible for executing priorities to ensure all Display machining work is completed on time and efficiently while remaining compliant with customer specifications with focus on health and safety.

The Display Production reports to the IPT3 Manager and is accountable for all aspects of Display machining; including safety, quality, throughput, productivity, and other cost measures. The Production Supervisor must lead by example and will coach the IPT’s hourly associates and other members of his/her team to establish and maintain a positive, engaged team through the application of Saint-Gobain’s Principles of Conduct and Action. This individual is expected to develop high morale and motivation of subordinates through positive leadership, sincere interest and recognition, reliable communication, fair appraisals of performance and sound counseling within established Corhart policies.

This position is responsible for increasing production efficiency by tracking throughput, hours-per-piece, and equipment feeds/speeds. The Display & Production Supervisor will coordinate activities according to World Class Manufacturing (WCM) standards) while impacting the overall production efficiency through a systematic approach of planning and executing new methods of machining and technologies to improve quality, reduce overall cost, and machine more efficiently. in collaboration with the. Display management team.

The Supervisor assesses and instructs Display mill block part production, reviewing customer orders and determining how they will be produced. From start to finish, this position will determine machine capability and method of production, design any specialty fixtures or tools needed, provide detailed technical documents and manufacturing instruction, plan inspection method and report inspection to the customer using advanced metrology equipment.

This role requires a collaborative leadership style and ability to work with others; is self-motivated; able to work with minimal supervision; possesses a skill set that will enable and drive continuous improvement; proven leadership abilities to coordinate all inter-IPT activities and manage production, inspection, and programming technicians and operators. As the Production Supervisor, you are expected to empower hourly associates to make decisions, innovate, and work in a continuous learning environment through implementation of Continuous Improvement Framework, which includes the WCM tools and IPT structure. Identifying issues, making tough decisions, delegating appropriately, and following- up to ensure all objectives are achieved characterizes this leadership position.

The Machining Supervisor will drive a cultural change within the IPT with an emphasis on reducing cost and improving selects by establishing baseline metrics and implementing plans for improvements, adjusting as necessary. This position will take a hands-on approach within the inter-IPT framework to oversee adherence to quality and procedural standards, while ensuring that all department members are trained on and involved in all ongoing process modifications and improvements.


Display Production


  • Develop and adopt standards that improve production efficiency, lessen part refinishing, and improve selects. Including but not limited to applying the full set of WCM methods and tools to identify losses, develop countermeasures and validate effectiveness, standardization, part selection, and scrap utilization.
  • Responsible for stratification of WCM manufacturing losses (quality issues and performance losses due to man (training), method, and machine).
  • Assists the IPT Manufacturing and Quality Engineers to implement KPI monitoring (OEE, yield, quality rate, process parameters).
  • Schedules work and sets priorities for all Finisher Specialist operators with weekly To-Do lists for all machines. Verbally communicates daily.
  • Maintains the part databases to ensure all pieces are up to date with customer orders, pieces are assigned to orders, a suitable stock of fired ware is on hand to meet the needs of upcoming orders, critical spare pieces are identified; the data is accurate and full traceability is possible for all parts. Coordinates forming needs with IPT2.
  • Works closely with IPT Manager and Reliability Engineers in the development and management for both 5S & Autonomous Maintenance Calendars, including operator standard work.
  • Maintains and updates SOP’s and training database as necessary to improve efficiency, quality, and safety.
  • Works closely with the Reliability Engineers to keep all equipment in the area functioning properly. Writes work requests for equipment in need of repair, works with maintenance to schedule repair time around order schedule. Communicates downtime to IPT Manager.
  • Provides technical support to Maintenance on repairs of equipment in emergency situations.
  • Schedules annual calibration of equipment.


Display Manufacturing

  • Serves as the subject matter expert for Display production as well as CNC machining and equipment use.
  • Responsible for creating manufacturing instruction for blocks in process. This includes but is not limited to: machine/block setup information, sawing and grinding diagrams, manufacturing books & checklists, specification of machinery and tooling required.
  • Reviews orders; looks for errors and checks tolerances on blueprints. Completes pre-production checklist before releasing new designs for production.
  • Creates new methods of grinding, sawing, and machining to make production possible on new designs. Proves new methods of machining, design fixtures and tooling as necessary
  • Works with Inspector to create inspection reports for new parts.
  • Maintains and updates SOPs and training when necessary to reflect current methods of manufacturing.
  • Oversees mill related projects such as specialty orders and internal and external testing.
  • Assists Inspector/Quality personnel with part rejects; developing CA/PA’s, quick and standard Kaizen’s.
  • Responsible for accurate BOM/Routings, updating with current production times to ensure costing is correct.

LCD Customer Support and Quoting


  • Reviews customer drawings, proposing design modifications to improve reliability within cost and other performance requirements.
  • Collaborates with Display management team to determine capabilities/method to manufacture advanced parts, provide production times to customer service personnel.

Provide technical service, presentations, and special project report out to customers when required.


Additional Requirements

Employee Supervision & Development


  • Models SEFRO Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives (VMVO) and Corhart guidelines to develop and maintain a high performance team culture and ensure all hourly associates model the same.
  • Manages time records, OT equalization, attendance reporting, disciplinary action / reporting of hourly personnel.
  • Coaches and mentor’s hourly associates by influencing behaviors to execute and meet assigned responsibilities that directly improve individual, team, and IPT performance which includes achieving an accident free workplace & world- class machine yield, performance, and availability.
  • Promotes and enhances positive union/management relationships. Assist in the administration of the collective bargaining agreement and personnel issues.
  • Serves as a conduit of communication between the shifts and management. Works to facilitate the teams to develop action plans to address issues and present solutions back to the IPT Leadership Core.
  • Manages time records, OT equalization, attendance reporting, disciplinary action / reporting of hourly personnel.
  • Helps clarify situations and expected behaviors, knowledge and level of proficiency by seeking and giving information and checking for understanding. Provides input regarding hourly associates who are not meeting performance objectives and, when necessary will lead the discussion with the IPT Core to document and provide feedback to hourly associate.
  • Creates Technical Standards and trains operators on standards, helps clarify situations and expected behaviors, knowledge and level of proficiency by seeking and giving information and checking for understanding. Provides input regarding hourly associates who are not meeting performance objectives and, when necessary will lead the discussion with the IPT Core to document and provide feedback to hourly associate.
  • Make rounds multiple times per shift, engaging associates using the Area Improvement Boards to continually drive both daily activities and continuous improvement.


  • Responsible for coaching and leading hourly associates to drive World Class Standards through WCM efforts, which include Safety, 5S, Autonomous Maintenance (AM), use of Tags, CIL’s, People Development (PD), Quick Kaizens and other WCM tools as appropriate.
  • Collaborates with the appropriate pillar leads assigned to the IPT to coordinate hourly associate participation and implementation of WCM / Lean projects as part of daily work expectations within the IPT culture.
  • Identifies inefficiencies or gaps and utilizes skills to develop systems and processes to streamline where necessary utilizing WCM/Lean tools to drive culture of continuous improvement.


Environmental, Health & Safety


  • Behavioral role model for all EHS standards; 5S & workplace organization practices; plant rules and safety regulations; and Saint Gobain Principles of Conduct and Action.
  • Accountable for fostering a safe IPT work culture. Must recognize unsafe conditions and practices and quickly address them to prevent injuries and property loss. Conducts safety audits, participates in EHS inspections, self-assessments, and audits.
  • Promotes, develops and mentors behavioral EHS initiatives to drive an autonomous EHS culture and objectively demonstrates commitment through SMAT / EMAT assessments.

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