Reference : USA03031

Layup (2nd Shift)

  • Technical Production
  • United States RAVENNA
  • Permanent / Regular
  • Posting date : 07/25/2022

Position description

PRIMARY FUNCTION: To construct and repair radomes and other composite parts using standardized procedures, work instructions, and controlled documents. SECONDARY FUNCTION: Identify and resolve process problems. Identify and implement cost reduction ideas. LAYUP 2ND SHIFT (MONDAY-FRIDAY, 3:00PM-11:00PM) MAJOR DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: • Working from controlled documents, construct and repair composite parts. • Work with engineers and others as required. • Work with various composite materials. • Report non-conforming products and processes. • Identify and report process problems during production of parts. • Initiate, solicit and implement cost reduction ideas. • Initiate problem resolution. • Maintain compliance with all ISO procedural requirements. • Maintain compliance with all health, safety and environmental regulations. • Maintain and promote good housekeeping practices. • Train other on methods and procedures. • And other duties as assigned by Management. SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES: GRADE I Basic drawing reading : Operator requires skills necessary to read a drawing and understand the requirements defined in the drawing as to part definition and layout. Skills include: • Understanding and use of dimensions and tolerances. • Understanding and drawing symbology, views, rotations, and cross sections. • Locating part features and dimensions. Basic mathematics skill and application: Operator must possess the skills such as: • Use of a calculator • Addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication • Use of basic mathematics to solve word problems • Use of conversion factors (ie ft2 to yd2) • Use of fractions and percentages • Simple algebraic problems • Understand area, linear and volumetric measurements Cut honeycomb/cloth: Operator requires skills necessary to select and cut prepreg cloth, dry cloth, and core materials such as: • Knowledge of materials. • Proper material selection and inspection procedures. • Cutting to a template (pattern) or striping core. • Cutting prepreg and dry cloth. • Cutting and beveling core to drawings. • Core cleaning procedures. • Material usage in accordance to the bill of material. Lay-up laminates : Operator requires skills necessary for the layup of materials such as: • Understanding of PS-200 Process Specifications. • Understanding of process sheet & drawing requirements. • Prepreg and core layup techniques. • Different types of cloth & core joints. • Use of various mold types. • Bagging & stripping materials and techniques. • Understanding laminate consolidation and breathing. • Contamination prevention and cleaning procedures. • Mold preparation and cleaning. Inspection of laminates: Operator requires skills necessary for inspecting laminates and includes knowledge of: • PS-200 Process Specification laminate acceptance criteria. • Drawing dimensions and tolerances. • Traveler inspection requirements. • Certification traceability. • Quality assurance documentation. •Techniques and equipment used to inspect laminates.


• High school graduate or equivalent • Basic problem solving techniques • Ability to pass a quantitative assessment

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