Reference : 559381

Production Operator

  • Technical Production
  • United States
  • Permanent / Regular (US)
  • Posting date : 08/15/2018

Position description

Safety is of primary importance to this and all positions. The Production Operator is primarily responsible to pack product and assist in production line operations, maintains well organized and clean work station and update required documentation to insure a quality product. Dependability is an essential part of this job as well as the ability to team with co-workers.


Perform job in a safe manner following all rules/ regulations and training. Perform daily safety inspection and report all unsafe conditions or Near Miss events immediately. Wear all PPE as required.

Use hand tools as intended. Follow all environmental and housekeeping requirements, properly dispose of trash, regularly sweep keeping material, oil and water off floors and keep contaminated material from entering process water system. Insure that line is cleaned prior to end of work shift.

Package product per specification-proper palletization of product, correctly code labels, properly configure and nest product, configure and build product onto pallet, insert slip sheets, band product to pallet shrink wrap and insure that product is secure before warehousing.

Assist in operation of production line. Manage resin charge weights into bins, product color changes, trim product as it comes off the line, manage regrind of failed product, manual operations of Rotomolding equipment including arm and indexing functions.  Loading and unloading of post cure operations and all packaging required for those duties. Operations of peripheral equipment including table saw, grinder, dust collector, and MHE equipment.

Perform to all quality expectations, isolate/ report all defects, insure that product meets all dimensional and cosmetic standards, adhere to all SOP standards and proper documentation of all product.




Accurate- Ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly is essential.

Communication (Oral) - Ability to communicate with Supervisor, Roto Operator and Set-ups, coworkers and managers effectively is essential.

Decision Making- Ability to make decisions while following all Company safety rules and procedures is essential especially, when working in and around moving high speed equipment.

Detail Orientated- Ability to note minute detail impacting product quality and packaging is critical.

Honesty/Integrity- The trait of being truthful and credible within the workplace is essential.

Organized- Ability to follow a systematic method to package product and build pallets, maintaining a clean, well-organized work area and insuring proper stock levels for boxes, bands, glue and labels is critical.

Problem Solving- Ability to proactively find solutions or manage work related problems is important.

Reliability- The trait of being dependable and trustworthy is essential.

Team Building- Ability to convince coworkers to participate in safety, quality and service initiatives in effort to promote Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and capture cost savings is essential.

Working Under Deadline- Ability to complete assigned tasks and maintain production output standards and improving yield under specified deadlines is critical.

Additional description


Physical Abilities                                                         Lift Carry

Stand (C)                                                                      10 lbs or Less (C)

Walk (F)                                                                        11-20 lbs (F)

Sit (N)                                                                           21-50 lbs (O)

Handling/ Fingering (C)                                              over (50) lbs (N)

Reach Outward (F)

Reach Above Shoulder (O)

Climb (O)

Crawl (O)

Squat/ Kneel (F)

Bend (F)


Push/ Pull

12 lbs or Less (C)

13-25 lbs (F)

26-40 lbs (O)

41-50 lbs (O)

50-100 lbs (N)



N (Not Applicable) Activity is not applicable to this occupation.

O (Occasionally) Occupation requires this activity up to 33% of the time [0-2.5+ hrs/day]

F (Frequency) Occupation requires this activity from 33%-66% of the time [2.5-5.5+ hrs/day]

C (Constantly) Occupation requires this activity more than 66% of the time [5.5+ hrs/day]



Job may require use of ladder or climbing of stairs, shoveling of material and use of equipment when qualified such as floor or MHE machines.


Position may be exposed to seasonal temperatures in winter and summer.

Position is typical of medium industrial environment exposed to dust, grease and other contaminates that require proper management and control through use of approved/ provided PPE.

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