Reference : 566977

Research and Development Growth Technologist

  • Research and Development
  • United States HIRAM
  • Permanent / Regular (US)
  • Posting date : 04/11/2019

Position description

Saint-Gobain Crystals is excited to announce an opportunity in our Research and Development group for a Growth Technologist.  The Growth Technologist position is responsible for operating and maintaining the Research and Development growth furnaces in Hiram and Newbury.  This position will have a hand in the development of new crystals and the subsequent new products that drive a significant fraction of the company's revenue and growth over a three to five year timespan. 


  • Managing the day-to-day operations of growth furnaces including: assembly and disassembly of furnaces for loading and unloading crystals, cleaning and preparation of furnaces between growth runs. and observation and adjustmeng of furnaces during crystal growth.

  • Coarse preparation of ingot samples for testing.  This may include use of cutting and lathe equipment.

  • Ability to work largely independent of supervisory interaction except at the beginning and end of growth runs and on an as-needed basis. 

  • Use of considerable judgment to plan and perform out of the ordinary work where only general methods are available and make broader decisions regarding furnace operations.

  • Ability to work on several concurrent ongoing projects and apply knowledge of techniques to each

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