Reference : 563007

售前售后技术支持工程师 Application Engineer

  • Sales
  • China SHANGHAI
  • Permanent / Regular (US)
  • Posting date : 11/28/2018

Position description

  1. Provide technic support for the relative market in specification selection and test follow up.
  2. TAP Project develop and follow up and achieve annual target
  3. Use CRM system for relative report establishment.
  4. Training support to sales team and customers
  5. Work with sales and product team to solve the customer complaint
  6. Provide technical articles to the marketing communication department



* Typical Education Level 教育背景: 机械行业本科毕业

* Relevant experience, knowledge and skills 相关经验技能:英文可以作为工作语言。良好的沟通能力,有一定的销售技能。良好的办公软件技能。

* Preferred personal characteristics 个性特点:性格外向,善于沟通,可以经常出差。

Who are we ?

圣戈班磨料磨具是世界500强圣戈班集团旗下的分支机构。作为行业的领导者, 圣戈班磨料磨具设计、制造并销售NORTON®(诺顿®)、NORTON®WINTER®(诺顿®温特®)、FLEXOVIT®(富来维特®)等品牌的所有磨具产品,是全球最大的专业磨料磨具产品制造商之一。主要产品有固结磨具、涂附磨具、工业超硬磨具、树脂切割打磨片及建筑工业用金刚石产品和设备。圣戈班磨料磨具的产品广泛应用于各种制造领域,如汽车、钢铁、航空航天、轴承齿轮、铁路、铸造、木工家具、机床工具、刀具、电子半导体、新能源、建筑五金以及汽车售后等。凭借全球共享的领先技术、先进的工艺和制造设备以及强大的研发、生产、销售和服务团队,我们为中国的广大用户提供磨削综合解决方案和无与伦比的磨削体验。

SAINT-GOBAIN Abrasives (SGA) is the substitute of SG group, which is listed in Fortune 500. As a world leader in Abrasives, Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and markets all abrasives products (Bonded Abrasives, Coated Abrasives, Super Abrasives, Thin-Wheels and Construction Products) under its master brands, Norton®, Norton®Winter® and Flexovit®. It's also the one of biggest global producer which can manufacture all 5 types of abrasives. Abrasives products are extensively used across a wide variety of manufacturing sectors, including automobiles, steel, aerospace, bearing, gear, railway, foundry, woodworking, machine tools, cutting tools, electronic, new energy, construction, hardware and AAM. With the global sharing of leading technology, advanced process and manufacturing equipment, and a powerful R & D, production, sales and service teams, we provide  total grinding solutions and unrivalled grinding experience for Chinese customers.

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