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Research and Development

  • Research and Development
  • China SHANGHAI
  • Fixed-term Contract
  • Posting date : 07/19/2019

Position description

bjective of the Position / 岗位目标
Work closely with marketing and sales teams to collect unmet customer needs and initiate R&D projects/activities to help grow ENC business in Asia.
Principal Accountabilities ( % of time, What, How and Why) / 主要职责(时间、工作内容的分配)
1/(5%) Strictly follow company EHS & 5S policies and regulations. Follow R&D personnel's individual EHS responsibilities listed in 'EHS Responsibilities Management Program'. 遵守公司EHS及5S的政策和规定。履行《环境、职业健康与安全职责管理程序》中研发人员的个人EHS职责。
2/(10%) Work with sales and marketing teams to collect customer requests and needs by customer calls, attending exhibitions etc. Drive R&D projects based on these needs and deliver results per agreed milestones.
3/ (25%)Product development: material design, mechanical design, simulation (with help of other resources), use appropriate processing method and equipment for manufacturing, product comparison and evaluation to meet requirements of each application. 产品开发: 材料设计,机械设计,模拟(借助内外部资源),产品比较以及利用适当的加工方法和设备以满足不同的应用需求
4/(20%) Material development: formulation design, raw material identification and evaluation, compound evaluation including thermal, mechanical, electrical, tribological properties to benchmark and provide different high quality composite materials for seals and bearings application. 材料开发: 配方设计,原材料评估,对混料进行包括热性能,力学性能,电性能,摩擦磨损性能的评估以开发出适合密封件和轴承产品应用的高性能的复合材料
5/(15%) Processing study: fluoropolymer and high temperature polymer processing including compounding, molding, sintering, machining, coating, extrusion, injection molding etc. to find the most suitable and optimized fabrication method for various product. 加工研究: 氟塑料和耐高温工程塑料加工工艺包括混料,模压,烧结,机加工,涂敷,挤出,注塑等以提供不同产品适用的最佳加工方法和工艺
6/(20%) Technical support: Support plant in Asia on various activities and projects to solve technical problems, expand application and launch new projects through idea hopper.  技术支持: 为在亚洲的工厂进行的项目提供技术解决方案,扩展应用范围以及根据创新筛选成立新项目


1/ Master or PhD of Materials Science and Engineering, polymer background and research experience in bearings and seals preferred; product experience in PEEK/PTFE or in other heat-resistant plastics can also be considered 材料科学与工程硕士或博士(接受Fresh)教育背景,高分子与摩擦学背景以及轴承和密封件研究经验优先考虑;有PEEK/PTFE材质或其它耐高温工程塑料产品相关经验亦可以考虑
2/ Familiar with synthesis processing and surface characterization 熟悉聚合物加工工艺和表征
3/ Fluent English 英语流利
4/ Open minded, innovative, driven, good communication skills思维开放有创新性,积极主动,具备良好的沟通能力

Who are we ?

SGR Shanghai - one of the major R&D centers of Saint-Gobain worldwide is located in the Minhang Development Zone, and at the heart of its Shanghai industrial complex, neighboring 6 of our plants involved in Performance Plastics, Glass for Automotive, Abrasives and Ceramics.
Mirroring the extraordinary richness of Saint-Gobain technology, this Center hosts scientists in almost all advanced material sciences from ceramics to polymers, glass to iron cast, crystals to abrasives, inorganic grains & powders to refractories…and reaches variety of research fields including: material science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, modeling and building energy as long as grinding, coating, Optical Detection etc.
SGRS has provided remarkable supports to SG’s business expansion in China and with the supports from our research teams, SG’s BUs in China have developed and launched abundant high-performance innovative products. Scientists in SGRS have helped us generate hundreds of ideas and patents, and thus, provide motive power to the sustainable development of Saint-Gobain.
我们拥有雄厚的技术力量,科学家们来自于绝大部分先进材料科学领域如聚合物、陶瓷、玻璃、磨料磨具、无机颗粒和粉末、耐火材料等, 研究领域包括材料科学、化学工程、机械工程、建模和建筑物能源以及磨削、涂料、光学检测等。

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