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磨削研发(高级)工程师CGTC, (Senior) Research Engineer

  • Research and Development
  • China SHANGHAI
  • Fixed-term Contract
  • Posting date : 01/01/2018

Position description

Objective of the Position:

Member of the CGTC(China Grinding Technology Center) technical staff, carry out projects, directly align and/or contribute to team projects leading to advancement of abrasive finishing technology and products.



Principal Accountabilities:

1/.Comply with the related EHS laws and SGRS policies; Be familiar with the MSDS, Risk Assessment approach; Have the common knowledge and sense for the manufacturing and machine operation, such as preventive maintenance and LOTO, etc. Be familiar on the related SOP(5%)

1/. 遵守EHS法律和公司相关的政策;熟悉材料安全数据表;熟悉风险评估方法;具备预防性维护,上锁挂牌等机械操作中的安全知识。熟悉相关操作的SOP,并严格按照其中的安全规定执行(包括佩戴PPE等)(5%)。

2/. Grinding research projects:

A: Leading the key research projects in CGTC. Study the performance of the grinding system (abrasives, work piece, grinder, grinding parameters). Strengthen the technical understanding of the application of the abrasives 7 grains (High speed grinding, super precision grinding, Sanding and polishing, Robotic polishing & grinding, chemical mechanical polishing). Understand the grinding performance of the abrasives, build up the testing method for the abrasives and contribute to the new abrasives product development.

B: Manage the R&D project (budget, timeline) and update the progress to the management level (50%) 

2/. 磨削技术研发项目:

负责磨削中心核心研发项目,通过学习和研究磨削技术(磨料,工件,机器,磨削参数),加强对先进磨削技术(高速磨削,超精密磨削,砂纸砂带抛光打磨,机器人打磨切割,化学机械抛光)的理解,掌握磨料磨具的性能,建立磨料磨具的内部测试平台,支持磨料磨具的研发。 管理负责的项目(预算,时间节点)并向管理层汇报项目进度(50%)。

3/. External technical service projects:

Lead external project with external customers (OEM, End users, Application team, Product team,Marketing team):   Define projects related to Application Engineering solution, develop proposals, and execute them together with suitable SGA (Saint-Gobain Abrasives Shanghai Company) resources to achieve technical superiority over competitors and also establish credibility and collaboration with key customer. Providing technical support to SGA partners and customer in Asia Pacific (30%)

3/. 对外技术支持:


4/Develop application technology competence through self-learning, participation in training programs and through projects and in collaboration with other technology centers. Utilize such knowledge in the training and development for application technology for R & D, PM, AE & SQM staff of SGA in Asia Pacific. (15%)



1. Good understanding of the scientific research principles. Know how to define the problem, propose the hypothesis, use scientific methods to prove the hypothesis and solve the problems, design of experiment, data analysis and so on.


2.  Mechanical background, working experience on manufacturing R&D environment is preferred.  Be familiar with the machine construction, mechanical transmission. Machine diagnostics knowledge is preferred. Grinding technology is also preferred.


3.  Understanding the principle of the measurement, such as how to select a good instrument for the variable which will be measured, what is the primary factor that must be paid attention on it during the measurement process.


4. Experiences on the virtual instrument, such as Labview or LabWindows, etc. Having the abilities to use this software to do the data sampling, and programming new software or interfaces based on them.


5. Basic programming is required, Excellent PC skills is required.


6. Ability to communicate professionally with people at all level in English.


7. Have energy, drive and passion to achieve goals, proven self-starter on taking initiative to drive change.


8. Strong Leadership, or have the potential to grow as the team leader.


9. Have the ability to be manage, control the project, and the experience to work on the projects overseas is preferred.


10. Master degree or above


 * This position is open to R&D Talents from Asia countries who speaks in Chinese.

Who are we ?

About SGRS  SGRS - one of the major R&D centers of Saint-Gobain worldwide is located in the Minhang Development Zone, at the heart of its Shanghai industrial complex, neighbouring 6 of our plants involved in Performance Plastics, Glass for Automotive, Abrasives and Ceramics.  Mirroring the extraordinary richness of Saint-Gobain technology, this Center hosts scientists in almost all advanced material sciences from ceramics to polymers, glass to iron cast, crystals to abrasives, inorganic grains & powders to refractories…and reaches variety of research fields including: material science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, modeling and building energy as long as grinding, coating, Optical Detection etc.
The center builds a strong technical competency in product development, in-depth scientific research and analysis, rapid response to business requests and frontline technology development. Equipped with modern scientific equipments, SGRS is taking part in fast-changing technical evolution. Polymer material processing, Abrasives, Powder processing and Optics Inspection are four established technical areas which are in direct linkage with SG products. Other competencies dealing with construction materials, refractories, quartz, cement and pipe are growing to strongly supporting SG group in Asia.  Along with the sustained business development in Asia, SGRS is rapidly developing. New office building Phase II project with 8290 m2 will provide more comfortable and safe working environment along with many career opportunities for more than 400 research

作为圣戈班全球主要的研发中心,圣戈班研发(上海)有限公司坐落在上海主要的工业区:闵行开发区, 支持附近涵盖集团高功能塑料,玻璃,磨料磨具等业务的6家工厂的业务及发展。  研发中心汇集了各个材料科学领域的研究专家:从陶瓷到高分子、晶体到磨料、无机粉末到耐火砖,同时集中了诸多研究领域:包括材料科学、机械工程、仿真、建筑能源和碾磨、涂层、光学检测等, 反映了圣戈班在材料领域所拥有的深厚技术。  研发中心在一系列领域建立了极强的技术竞争力, 包括产品开发、深度科学研究分析、对商业需求的快速反应以及技术开发等。研发中心拥有现代化的科学仪器,且不断进行技术创新。高分子材料加工、粉末处理、磨料和光学检测是研发中心建立的和圣戈班产品直接相关的主要技术竞争力, 其他竞争力则包括建筑材料、耐火材料、石英、水泥和管道方面的技术, 这些竞争力为圣戈班在亚洲的业务增长提供了良好的支持。 根据在亚洲的业务开展需求, 圣戈班研发(上海)有限公司正在快速地发展。 目前,八千多平方米的研发大楼已经完工,能为400多位研究人员提供更加舒适安全的工作环境和良好的职业发展机会。