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Product Manager

  • Marketing
  • China
  • Permanent / Regular (US)
  • Posting date : 02/14/2019

Position description

  1. Inbound product marketing: champion the activities of communicating the product benefits, features and target markets to the internal teams such as sales, marketing, and production, to get buy-ins from executives and to create excitement around the product.
  2. Product definition and design: prepare the product statement, specifying what kind of job a product needs to achieve, which usually includes  information on target market and customer, closest competitive option, product form, detailed description of product features and benefits, unique selling proposition, FFU-- covering the whole spectrum of user experience, system and performance requirements, sales and support requirements, etc.
  3. Product Development Management: drive product development activities by coordinating cross-functional teams including R&D, engineering, production, finance, supply chain, marketing, sales and other necessary support to develop and launch the product on-time and on-budget. This includes securing resources, creating project timelines, tracking progress against timeline, identifying critical paths, getting additional resources when needed, and communicating status to the executive team.
  4. Product Life Cycle Management: manage a product as it goes through its life cycle from introduction to growth to maturity, and eventually to decline, which includes tasks such as product positioning, pricing, channel, and promotion, product portfolio management, people development, competitive strategy, making build/buy/partner decisions, and identifying and developing partnerships.


  1. Follow the entity EHS rules, and comply with local governmental EHS laws and regulations to avoid fines and law violations.


  1. B.S. or B.S. in engineering required;
  2. Previous experience in marketing and/or business development and/or product management in industrial market preferred;
  3. Broadly knowledgeable about building plaster business, technology, and construction industry is a plus;
  4. Excellent written and oral communications skills in both English and Chinese;
  5. Emergent leadership: able to step in and lead and step back and stop leading and let someone else take the lead when required;
  6. Think strategically and can articulate what you are, and are not trying to do ;
  7. Make wise business decisions despite ambiguity;
  8. Seek to understand root causes and get beyond treating symptoms;
  9. Re-conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems;
  10. Exhibit bias-to-action and avoid analysis paralysis;
  11. Challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted and suggest better approaches;
  12. Concise and articulate in speech and writing;
  13. Minimize complexity and simply;
  14. Learn rapidly and eagerly with the ability to pull together disparate bits of information;
  15. Willing to help colleagues;
  16. Adaptable;
  17. Take ownership;
  18. Passionate.

Who are we ?

圣戈班(Saint Gobain)集团,成立于1665年,总部位于法国巴黎,2017年最新《财富》世界500强排名225位,2015年迎来了350周年庆,在建筑建材行业一直是欧洲及世界领先者,并且是世界工业集团百强之一。
圣戈班石膏建材作为圣戈班集团事业部之一,致力于成为客户值得信赖的建筑合作伙伴。在全球50多个国家拥有130多家工厂,销售服务网络遍及全球5大洲。其中:全球石膏板份额第一;全球石膏粉份额第一;全球天花板份额第三;保温、隔声材料的领导者;轻质隔墙系统的领导者。圣戈班石膏建材始终致力于在中国市场的长期发展,在积极地对中国市场进行投资的同时,还将先进的生产工艺和技能引入中国,并先后于1999年、2005年和2013年,在上海、常州和葫芦岛建立了三个现代化的石膏板生产基地(总部是上海工厂),销售覆盖全国。 成立于2017年5月的圣戈班石膏建材(长兴)有限公司预计2018年年底正式投产,公司将为客户提供优质建筑石膏粉类产品,主要产品达到美国ASTM标准和英国BS标准。圣戈班非常注重人才的引进和培养,其中:深化人才本土化战略,为员工提供具有竞争力的薪资和福利;为员工提供了多种职业发展路径,使员工在专业领域内得到显著提高;尊重并承认员工的个性,提倡团队建设,主张高效率工作,不断迎接挑战。圣戈班中国于2017年被正式授予2018年度中国杰出雇主认证,这是圣戈班连续第六年获得该认证,中国杰出雇主现在诚邀您的加入!

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