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Furnace Operator $24/hour to start

  • Technical Production
  • Canada Niagara Falls
  • Permanent / Regular (US)
  • Posting date : 04/04/2021

Position description


The job consists of operating the furnace(s) in the department consistent with the current operating instructions in order to produce and tap quality product. The Operator is required to plan, coordinate, schedule, direct and expedite the activities of the furnace(s) and the employees. This is a physically demanding position which requires shift work to support a 24/7 hour operation.


To strive for continuous improvement in quality and productivity on a daily basis.

Reports to the Unit M Section Leader and Shift Supervisor.


  1. Perform all the duties in a safe, responsible manner in accordance with the Saint-Gobain EHS Charter, observing all Company and Government regulations, Observes and reports all unsafe conditions to the Shift Supervisor.
  2. Ensures that quality if maintained by following current operating procedures.
  3. Taps the furnace when required, or as directed by the Shift Supervisor by following the appropriate steps, depending on mod type and tapping instructions.
  4. Tends the furnace controlling the feed and power as specified in the operating instructions or Shift Supervisor’s directives.
  5. Closely monitors pollution control equipment and reports any malfunctions to the Shift Supervisor immediately.
  6. Directs furnace preparation, electrode set-ups, tapping spout changes and recommends any maintenance required.
  7. Positions mold in tapping position and checks on the proper function of all supporting equipment.
  8. Takes bottom and bath level measurements, takes meter readings, reads the temperature, motor and pressure gauges, makes necessary calculations and records all data pertinent to furnace operations.
  9. Measures, charts, evaluates and takes appropriate corrective action to control the quality of material going into the Lion Crushing Operation.
  10. When required, does crude crushing, sorting, refuse crushing and ferrosilicon handling.
  11. Collects, transfers, weighs and mixes materials.
  12. Checks transformer oil level, hydraulic oil levels, inspects and unplugs transformers and furnace and mold cooling systems and ensures that all auxiliary equipment is working satisfactorily and effectively.
  13. Operates mold handling, materials handling and crude processing equipment required to process product in the Unit M facility.
  14. Monitor Pollution Control equipment. Changing dust collector bags as required. Reports any malfunctions to the Section Leader and Shift Supervisor.
  15. Performs preventative maintenance inspections on equipment, preparing site for Factory Service.
  16. Lubricates and performs minor maintenance on equipment as required.
  17. Coordinates and directs the activities of workers in the group.
  18. Must maintain an excellent standard of housekeeping and order in the work area adhering to 5S Standards.
  19. Perform all other duties and assignments as and when requested by the Shift Supervisor.


  1. Correct procedures must be used as contained in the operating instructions to ensure safety quality and production standards.
  2. Errors or deviation from accepted procedures and/or operating instructions must be reported immediately to the Shift Supervisor.
  3. The Operator must be conscientious and dependable in performing the job and must observe all safety rules and regulations.
  4. The Operator must cooperate with Shift Supervisor and other workers to achieve an efficient and harmonious operation.
  5. Maintain an efficient operation by meeting safety, quality and good housekeeping and adhering to 5S and productivity standards.




All Furnace Operators must be able to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Physically able of performing the job. Must be able to lift 50LBS  and perform overhead tasks.
  2. Communicate clearly both verbally and in writing with other personnel.
  3. Must comprehend oral and written instructions sufficiently to carry them out properly and efficiently.
  4. Coordinate and expedite the efforts of the workers in the group.
  5. Operate the furnaces and be familiar with symptoms of malfunction.
  6. Operate all materials handling and processing equipment associated with the job to produce quality product in Unit M.
  7. Identify, weigh, mix and blend the ingredients as shown on the mix card.
  8. Pass minimum qualifications to train test.
  9. Have minimal Grade 12 education or equivalent.
  10. Must be familiar with and observe all Company safety rules and regulations.
  11. Must complete all safety training as assigned.
  12. Participate in World Class Manufacturing activities as requested.
  13. Must provide a current criminal background check.
  14. Electric arc furnace experience an asset.

Must adhere to the General Principles of Conduct and Action of the Saint-Gobain Group

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