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  • Technical Production
  • Canada Niagara Falls
  • Permanent / Regular (US)
  • Posting date : 09/30/2021

Position description

We are looking for a experianced Millwright for our Factory Services department. As a Milllwright, the job consists of repairing, rebuilding, replacing and reproducing equipment and equipment components by gas cutting, welding and brazing. As and when required, the Millwright does minor mechanical work. In this position you will also fabricate and install new equipment and facilities. Performs all duties in a safe, responsible manner, observing all Plant and Government regulations. Observes and reports all unsafe conditions to the Shift Supervisor.

To strive for continuous improvement in quality and productivity on a daily basis.
The Millwright reports to the Shift Supervisor and/or the Production Manager.


  1. Maintain and repair all plant machinery and facilities using any and all equipment and tools as required.
  2. Read and interpret blueprints, measure and layout operations, select work piece materials, repair or build machines or components to pre-scribed tolerances.
  3. Perform necessary repairs and modifications to buildings/facilities.
  4. Work with Maintenance/Production Supervisor.
  5. Maintain clean and safe work area.
  6. Obey all existing fire and safety regulations.


  1. Correct procedures must be known and followed in:
  • Making linear and angular measurements
  • Making simple layout
  • Selecting the right type of rods and amperage for arc welding
  1. Be conscientious, dependable and cooperative in performing the job and maintain an efficient operation by meeting satisfactory factory standard of work quality, work output, safety, good housekeeping to 5S Plant Standards and orderliness.
  2. Must possess a thorough understanding of all safety standards, regulations and Saint-Gobain Policies and Procedures.


The Millwright must be able to fulfill the following requirements: 

  1. Must have Grade 12 Technical School training in the welding trade, or be Certified under the Apprenticeship and Tradesmen’s Qualification Act.
  2. Physically able of performing the job
  3. Communicate clearly both verbally and in writing with other personnel. Submit neat and accurate reports.
  4. Must know how to use a template to layout and produce elbows, transitions, cylinders and conical shapes.
  5. Must know how to prepare the material for welding .
  6. Be conscientious in the performance of all duties and require a minimum of supervision.
  7. Have the ability to lead a group of workers on a repair job and make decisions regarding the job.
  8. Must comprehend oral and written instructions sufficiently to carry them out properly and efficiently.
  9. Perform all other duties that are associates with the job as and when requested by the Shift Supervisor .
  10. Must be familiar with and observe all Company safety rules and regulations.
  11. Must complete all safety training as assigned.
  12. Participate in World Class Manufacturing activities as requested.
  13. Must adhere to the General Principles of Conduct and Action of the Saint-Gobain Group.

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A true technology bridgehead for the Saint-Gobain Group, the Innovative Materials Sector is supported by 3 powerful growth drivers: innovation, co-development and research.

In the field of High Performance Materials, it proposes a comprehensive range of innovative technologies targeting the housing and construction market, transport, industry and healthcare, and combined into four families of materials: ceramics, polymers, abrasives and technical fabrics. Flat Glass is a world leader in manufacturing, processing and selling glass products for the construction and transportation sector (including the automotive industry).

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